Four fine pointed shapes co exist with faceted moonstone and labradorite gemstones to create a layered necklace. The shapes can be moved to give a different look. A versatile statement piece to cherish!


The chain is 16″. The pendant shapes measure between 6.7cm x 5.5cm and 4.5cm x 2cm. The labradorite measures approximately 10mm x 15mm and the moonstones measure approximately 10mm x 5mm.


22ct Gold Vermeil – 2 Microns Plated on Sterling Silver – British Made, 925 Sterling Silver – British Made


Labradorite is a semi transulucent grey coloured gemstone with iridescent streaks of wintry blue,violet and sometimes green metallic flashes. A hypnotising gem that has been surrounded with mystifying milky white moonstone pear shaped gems.

Please note that all of our gemstones are hand cut and so may vary ever so slightly in size. We photograph our gemstones the best way we can however the colour may vary slightly as they are natural and no two stones are ever identical for this reason. This is why we love our natural gems!