A glamorous pair of our multi wear earrings – wear just the metallic hematite studs for a simple look or pile on the wire shapes to showcase the rich purple nuggets of amethyst. A perfect day to night pair of earrings!


These earrings measure 3cm x 9cm when worn complete. The amethyst measures approximately 9mm x 7mm and the hematite measures 3mm.


22ct Gold Vermeil – 2 Microns Plated on Sterling Silver – British Made, 925 Sterling Silver – British Made


The faceted edges of these amethyst nuggets highlight the rich purple tones that can be found in the gemstone and the hematite is a glossy dark metallic coloured gemstone that has been faceted into beads.

Please note that all of our gemstones are hand cut and so may vary ever so slightly in size. We photograph our gemstones the best way we can however the colour may vary slightly as they are natural and no two stones are ever identical for this reason. This is why we love our natural gems!


Our Multi Wear Earrings have been designed so you can gently unloop and loop the shapes together to create different looks, a stud on its own or lots of shapes together making them a great versatile piece of jewellery.