Four hoops, one chain, a dozen possibilities! A versatile white pearl necklace to add to your jewellery collection.  The chain can be taken off and the hoops held in position in a multitude of ways to create many different looks.  A staple for any jewellery lover!  Our signature multi wear necklace can be worn as short as 15″ and long as 30″.


Chain length can be worn at 15″ and 30″.  The shapes measure 3cm -6cm and the pearls approximately measure between 5mm and 12mm.


22ct Gold Vermeil – 2 Microns Plated on Sterling Silver – British Made, 925 Sterling Silver – British Made


Our white pearls have a gorgeous iridescent lustre and are naturally formed.  Lustrous and classic, pearls are an absolute staple for any jewellery lover.

All MMJ pearls are natural Freshwater Pearls, so none are ‘perfect’ and they will all have some imperfections and no two are ever exactly the same or a pair. They are all sourced from China & Hong Kong and the coloured Pearls are dyed but the dye will not come off.


Our Multi Wear Necklaces have been designed so you are able to take off the chain, manoeuvre the shapes and manipulate the chain through the shapes to create new shapes to wear.