Complimenting autumnal colours of grey metal pyrite and bronzey smoky quartz come together on this elegant but simple round neck wire that sits perfectly on the decolletage. It will add instant glamour to any outfit!


This neck wire measures 12cm x 13cm and the gemstones measure approximately 10mm x 15mm.


22ct Gold Vermeil – 2 Microns Plated on Sterling Silver – British Made, 925 Sterling Silver – British Made


Pyrite has a natural luster and we have had it cut with large facets to showcase its silver shimmer.  To compliment its tones we have added a similar faceted chocolate coloured smoky quartz.

Please note that all of our gemstones are hand cut and so may vary ever so slightly in size.  We photograph our gemstones the best way we can however the colour may vary slightly as they are natural and no two stones are ever identical for this reason.  This is why we love our natural gems!